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This one of my only two reviews on Yelp but, like another reviewer, I felt compelled to write one because of their honesty and exceptional service.  Called Steve about a suspicious smell coming from under my kitchen sink that I was afraid could be a leaky pipe of some sort. He and Brandon came the very next day, on time, to check it out. They went above and beyond the call of duty by not only inspecting under the sink but also crawling almost 30 feet through the cramped crawl space under my house to ensure there was no leak or excessive moisture issue. Thankfully, they said they did not find any issues.  Their thoroughness was very appreciated and honestly refreshing. Give Steve a call--you will not be disappointed.

A few weeks ago I had SERVPRO La Mirada come to my home to clean my couch.  I have two cats that have their "accidents" quite often.  I have used several other cleaning companies but never felt my couches were truly clean.  There seemed to be a chemical residue left behind.  SERVPRO La Mirada did a phenomenal job on cleaning them thoroughly, leaving a very subtle vanilla scent.  Fresh just like new!  Their team was very professional and pleasant to work with.  I would highly recommend this company to my family and friends.

They are by far the best company
The Rep in charge of his crew "Jose"
A true Gentleman that helped me thru
A very upsetting situation.
Explained everything completely.
The crew cleaned as
The mess was made.
I highly recommend this professional
Company for your emergency.
5 Star in my book

What can I say?! When we get hit with repairs to our homes, we just need someone capable to reassure us that the job will be done and that they will take it from there...
I recently discovered a slow leak under my kitchen cabinet. All my stuff under there was a mess. The cabinets had swelled like sponges.

I called my insurance and they recommended SERVPRO. The very next day Nouphon and Ruben arrived and from the start they were kind, professional, and wearing masks!
All my frayed nerves instantly relaxed. They got to work immediately and brought in industrial fans and a heating device. Then they created a tent like structure in my kitchen. The whole kitchen was isolated so you needed to pull a zipper to enter it! All this was meticulously taped down, and clear instructions were given to keep everything going to ensure the drying process.

In the days that followed, wood was installed to support the sink until a contractor could start the next phase.
Nouphon and Montana came on the second to last day and did more work. Again, both had wonderful attitudes.

Finally, on the last day, Nouphon picked up all the equipment and left it all prepped for the next person to come in. What attention to detail and what a relief they were! And now onto the next part...wish me luck folks!!